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Who Pays for Health Insurance for Children After a Divorce?

In a legal proceeding in Ohio involving a minor child or children, the Court is required to issue an order regarding the cost to cover health insurance for the minor child(ren). The Court can Order either of the parents to provide private health insurance for the minor child(ren), so long as private health insurance is available at a reasonable cost to the parent.

Ideally, at least one of the parents will have health insurance available at a reasonable cost through his or her employer. If neither parent has access to employer provided health insurance or is self-employed, they can seek private health insurance coverage through the health insurance marketplace. Ohio has a federally facilitated exchange which means residents of the State of Ohio will use to enroll in an exchange plan.

In cases where neither parent is able to afford or otherwise fails to procure private health insurance coverage for their minor child(ren), the parent ordered to provide health insurance will contact the County Health District to request health insurance coverage for the minor child(ren) through the government.

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