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What is Cash Medical Support in Ohio?

In addition to the obligation to provide health insurance, each parent may be required to pay cash medical support.

The new child support law that went into effect in March 2019 defines "cash medical support" as an amount ordered to be paid in a child support order toward the ordinary medical expenses incurred during a calendar year.

The purpose of a cash medical support order is to provide money for the uncovered health care costs of the minor child(ren). Cash medical support will be paid to the parent ordered to cover the minor child(ren)'s health insurance expenses (normally the residential parent), unless the minor child(ren) receives public assistance. In that case, cash medical support is paid to the State of Ohio in order to defray the cost of public assistance health care. Under the pre-2019 law, a cash medical support was only required when the child(ren) were not covered by private health insurance. Under the 2019 law, however, all child support orders will include a cash medical support amount equal to $388.70 per child, per year unless a deviation of cash medical is permitted by the Court.

If you have questions regarding the use of cash medical support, you need an attorney who not only understands the new child support law as well as the manner in which the local Judges and Magistrates in Butler and Warren counties are interpreting these factors. Contact Christopher M. Alexander at (513) 228 – 1100, mobile (513) 226 – 8489, or online at

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