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What is an Annulment . . . and can I annul my Marriage?

An Annulment is a cause of action which nullifies or voids a marriage. A marriage may be annulled under limited circumstances, including: either spouse was under the legal age to marry; one spouse is already married to another person; one party is adjudicated mentally incompetent; one party obtained consent through fraud or by force; or, the marriage was never consummated.

An annulment of the marriage places the two parties back in the same position they were in before the marriage. Essentially, the effect of an annulment is to restore the parties to their lives before marriage. Thus, the parties will retain all property they owned when they entered into the marriage.

Although extremely rare, in a situation where a child was born after the date of marriage, an annulment of the marriage can have a serious impact on the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities of minor child(ren).

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