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We Agree on Everything Except Child Support, Can We Dissolve Our Marriage?


Obtaining a dissolution of marriage in Ohio means that both spouses fully agree on every issue, both at the beginning of the dissolution and at the final hearing.

A marriage may only be dissolved when the parties have reached a complete settlement on all issues relating to parenting, property and support. A dissolution can be a cost-effective way to terminate a marriage as long as the parties make proper financial disclosure and can work together regarding these and other issues that may arise.

After making a full disclosure of all assets and liabilities, the parties will file a joint Petition for Dissolution, Separation Agreement and Shared Parenting Plan, if appropriate, along other mandatory documents.

Even in an amicable dissolution, it is important to have legal counsel to ensure a fair and equitable settlement. Christopher M. Alexander will ensure that assets are properly identified as joint or separate property and are accurately valued. As necessary, values will be determined for the marital home, retirement savings, cars, financial accounts and valuable personal possessions. A skilled family law practitioner can often negotiate debt trade-offs, home equity disputes and asset valuations so that you receive the fairest possible outcome in property division.

When negotiated with the advice of an attorney who is experienced in all phases of family law litigation, and who also has knowledge of the tendencies of local Courts, Judges and Magistrates, a dissolution can be “quicker, cheaper and easier” if the parties are willing to work together.

Christopher M. Alexander has been successful in achieving favorable results in both the courtroom and at the mediation table. After practicing family law for more than 20 years, Christopher M. Alexander has confronted seemingly every issue that can arise during the divorce and dissolution process.

When you need a skilled and experienced family law lawyer to fight for your goals, call Christopher M. Alexander at (513) 228 – 1100, mobile (513) 226 – 8489, or online at

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