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Is Your Divorce a High Net Worth Divorce?

If you or your spouse own significant assets that were acquired before you were married or that have been accumulated during the marriage, disputes regarding the value and division of significant assets can often become quite contentious. You need to retain an experienced family law attorney who is skilled in litigating substantial asset and high net worth divorces. Christopher M. Alexander has 20 years of experience representing spouses through complex property valuation and division, including:

  • Business Valuation

  • Dissolution of Business Property/Interests

  • Professional Good Will Valuation

  • Alternative Executive Compensation

  • Stocks and Stock Options

  • IRA’s, Pensions and Retirement Accounts

  • Real Estate and Investment Properties

  • Large Scale Marital Estates

  • Antiques, Jewelry, Valuable Collectibles

  • Trust Income

Many people with a high net worth already know how to obtain advice from corporate council for legal business matters and financial transactions. Those same individuals, however, may not know where to turn to find competent and experienced legal representation for the kind of life changing events that coincide with a divorce.

By the same token, many attorneys who practice family law, although competent professionals in their own right, often do not have the knowledge, resources and staff that it takes to properly litigate a divorce or negotiate a dissolution that involves a large amount of assets and high net worth spouses.

Be sure to hire an attorney that has a working knowledge of local exerts in and around Cincinnati that can provide business valuations and tax projections, forensic accounting, vocational evaluations and earnings capacity assessments, stock option values, present day valuations of pensions and annuities, residential and corporate real estate appraisals as well as appraisals of jewelry, uncommon vehicles and other collectables.

Christopher M. Alexander has extensive experience with high net worth divorce. When you need a skilled and experienced family law lawyer to fight for your goals, call Christopher M. Alexander at (513) 228 – 1100, mobile (513) 226 – 8489, or online at

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