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Do I have to take a Parenting Class in Warren County?

If you have minor children, most likely yes.

If you live in Warren County, Ohio, the Court requires you to attend a Seminar for Separating Parents as follows:

All parents in divorce, legal separation or dissolution actions in which there are any minor children under sixteen (16) years of age shall register for an educational seminar for separating parents sponsored by the Court within thirty (30) days after the filing of the action or service of process. No action may proceed to final hearing until the custodial parent has attended the seminar. No dissolution may proceed to final hearing unless both parties have attended the seminar.

The Warren County Court of Domestic Relations recently updated the seminar for separating parents and the reports from parents who have completed the program have been positive. A copy of the brochure entitled HOPE for Families in Divorce can be obtained from the Court’s website and provides you with a telephone number to schedule the class.

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