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Christopher M. Alexander
Experienced Family Law Attorney


Christopher M. Alexander is an experienced Ohio family law attorney who represents individuals throughout southwest Ohio. Because family law is such a profoundly personal area of practice, it is important to work with an attorney who can inspire confidence and put you at ease while continuing to be a strong advocate for you in the courtroom. For more than 20 years Christopher M. Alexander has done just that and continues to make it a centerpiece of his practice today.


It is easy to feel alone when you are going through a difficult divorce, dissolution or post-decree matter. Christopher M. Alexander is an experienced family law attorney who takes the time to get to know each of his clients and personally answer their questions.


Christopher M. Alexander encourages his clients to understand the legal process and keep realistic expectations to achieve their ultimate goals. Christopher M. Alexander has built an impressive resume of successfully resolving all types of family law cases, from a simple and inexpensive dissolution to contested parenting disputes and complex property and asset division divorces.


If you are considering a divorce, dissolution or have questions about a post-decree family law matter, or if your spouse or ex-spouse has already made that decision for you, it is important to select a lawyer who is familiar with the unique procedures and personalities in the Court where your case will be decided. Christopher M. Alexander focuses his legal practice in Warren County, Ohio and Butler County, Ohio and can offer insight into the manner in which specific issues are decided in these Courts based on years of experience practicing before them.

What Sets Christopher M. Alexander Apart?

Divorce, dissolution and family law are challenging areas of legal practice and require a special temperament as an attorney. Family law matters are often full of emotions due to the participants differing perspectives. Managing and translating these emotions into something useful is essential as you work toward your ultimate goals, whether in the courtroom or at the mediation table.

All too often, parties in family law disputes simply reach the end of their tolerance and cave in to unfair terms in an attempt to make an uncomfortable situation end. Having a compassionate, competent and experienced attorney on your side can help you avoid this, not only by removing some of the pressure and fear of uncertainty that is common in the litigation process, but also by giving you the perspective you need to make sound decisions at every stage of your family law matter.


Christopher M. Alexander has compassionately and aggressively represented clients through divorce, dissolution and post-decree cases for more than 20 years and will fight for a fair and just resolution of your family law matter. When you need a skilled and experienced family law lawyer, call Christopher M. Alexander at (513) 228 – 1100, mobile (513) 226 – 8489, or email him directly at Chris@awklegal.com.

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